As the premier website dedicated to the great men and women of history, Simply Charly fulfills a unique role in disseminating information about our shared cultural, scientific and political heritage. To that end, we’ve enlisted more than 100 experts from a wide variety of fields, whose ideas and insights have helped to illuminate the lives and work of these exceptional men and women.

Yet, while we recognize these contributors as highly knowledgeable authorities without whom Simply Charly could not exist, we also know that there are readers out there with their own thoughts and opinions about some of the famous individuals on our site. And that’s why we’re inviting you to join the conversation and write for us! You don’t have to be an expert, but the work does have to be original and you do have to meet a few requirements. But, otherwise, the sky’s the limit.

Here’s what you need to know:


  1. You can write on any topic related to any person on the site, or even someone who isn’t on the site (subject to approval).
  2. The specific sections for which we’re seeking contributions are Blog, Book Reviews, 10 Things You Might Not Know, and Articles. The word count is approximately 750 for blog posts and book reviews, 350 for 10 Things You Might Not Know, and 1,500 for articles.
  3. All submissions must be original content to which you own the rights.
  4. We encourage creativity and personal expression, but the style should be appropriate for the site. Your writing doesn’t have to sound academic (although it’s fine if it does), but it should aspire to an educational tone.


  1. Before submitting a piece for publication, please send us a query letting us know exactly what (and about whom) you would like to write. Links to past work are welcome, although not required. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a response.
  2. Submission of a piece does not guarantee that it will be published.
  3. All queries and submissions should be sent to charles(at)simplycharly(dot)com.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to expanding our store of knowledge and insights on history’s greatest movers and shakers!