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Basically, Simply Charly is a one-stop “shop” where you can learn all about history’s most influential movers and shakers—scientists, writers, artists, musicians, philosophers, and others who have shaped our world. We know that there’s a ton of information out there, but we wanted to put it all in one place, in an organized, easy-to-use, and fun site.

Whether you’re interested in a specific individual or field, or you just want to browse around (kind of like being at the world’s most interesting cocktail party), we make it easy to get to know people, and to find out why so many of them have become household names. Jane Austen, Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Miles Davis, Pablo Picasso—they’re all here at Simply Charly, and they’re just waiting to share their stories and take you on a fascinating, educational and fun cultural journey!


We want to emphasize that all of our materials are designed for a general audience. In other words, you don’t have to be an English major to appreciate SIMPLY JOYCE and you don’t need to know anything about physics to explore SIMPLY EINSTEIN. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get to know these remarkable men and women, so we’ve made sure that you won’t be overwhelmed by confusing jargon or too many technical details.


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Once you’re there, you can search by subject or name, or simply scroll down the page to get acquainted with everyone. To find out a little more about someone, just click on their portrait and you’ll be taken to a page with a brief introduction. Want to know even more? Click ABOUT under the READ tab and you’ll find an informative biography that chronicles that person’s life and work.


If you discover that Emily Dickinson is what’s been missing in your life all this time, or you want to devote yourself to Martin Heidegger, there’s much more available on Simply Charly! Under that same READ tab, you’ll find links to BLOGS, BOOKS, INTERVIEWS, REVIEWS and more.

And the exclusive features on Simply Charly go well beyond just text!

WATCH: Click on the WATCH tab and you’ll find fascinating and lively VIDEO interviews with scholars, authors and other experts who bring another dimension to the lives and achievements of the great men and women of history.

LISTEN: If you can’t watch (for example, when you’re driving), our LISTEN section offers more than two dozen PODCASTS on everything from “The Mozart Effect” to “Freud’s Faults” and “Einstein’s Dreams.”

ASK: Is there something you would like to know about a historical figure that isn’t covered on the site? Our ASK THE EXPERT platform gives you the opportunity to pose a question to one of our eminent scholars, authors, or other experts who specialize in the person you’re interested in.


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